Mortgage Deferrals Explained

How Do Mortgage Deferrals Work?

Coquitlam Realtor is sharing Mortgage Deferral information and resources provided by Top Vancouver Mortgage Broker Evangeline Villanueva.

Mortgage payment deferrals are now offered from most lenders for customers experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Deferring a mortgage payment means that you will not be required to make your regular payments on your mortgage.

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Krista Lapp Coquitlam Realtor

Portable Mortgage Explained

In this episode of “What is a Portable Mortgage” Realtor Krista Lapp and Mortgage Broker Evangeline Villanueva discuss what the portability feature is and what the main benefits are for porting your mortgage.

You’ll learn:
????What does porting your mortgage mean?
????What are the benefits of porting a mortgage?
????Should a first time home buyer look into the portability feature?

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